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Moth Design

Firm: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Address: 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA
Phone: 617.369.4337
Web: mfa.org

Project: Fashion Show: Paris Collections 2006 T-shirt
Client: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Art Directors: Janet O'Donoghue, Ginger Shannan, Sophie Truong
Designer: Silvia Lopez Chaves
Illustrator: Silvia Lopez Chaves
Photographer: Silvia Lopez Chaves
Printer: Erica Reitmayer

Why was it not just lucky that this piece achieved its aim?
The T-shirt design needed to be specific to the show, but generic enough to represent the ten different couture houses from Paris in the show. The design implements the idea of the design studio, the creative process, ideas and craftmanship, complemented by a quote from Oscar Wilde, stating that fashion remains a fine art. The design also helps to maintain the cohesiveness between the museum stores and the exhibition's identity. This was obtained by using the logo, fonts and exhibition colors as part of the design.

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