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Visual Dialogue

Firm: Visual Dialogue
Address: 24 Rutland Street, Boston, MA
Phone: 617.249.3658
Web: visualdialogue.com

Project: Art Institute of Boston Catalogue
Client: The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University
Art Director: Fritz Klaetke
Designers: Fritz Klaetke, Jesse Hart
Copywriters: Dorene Dzubiba, Soapbox and Visual Dialogue
Other: Program Cover: Cutting Edge; Project Coordinator: Maryann Czerepak
Other: Research/Consulting: Topic 101
Photographers: Brian Aderer, Maria Arabbo, CJ Heyliger, Jackie Munoz
Typeface: Frutiger
Printer: Quinn Printing
Paper: Astrolite PC 100

Why was it not just lucky that this piece achieved its aims?
Previous admissions materials for the AIB didn't reflect the quality of the school or the type of students they wished to attract. We began by having research firm Topic 101 survey high school students online and then incorporated their feedback into the design and real photography by real students with a real message.

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