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Visual Dialogue

Firm: Visual Dialogue
Address: 24 Rutland Street, Boston, MA
Phone: 617.249.3658
Web: visualdialogue.com

Project: Celebrating Named Professorships Invitation and Program
Client: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Art Director: Fritz Klaetke
Designer: Fritz Klaetke
Copywriter: Tom Witkowski
Other: Program Cover: Cutting Edge; Project Coordinator: Maryann Czerepak
Other: Research/Consulting: Topic 101
Photographers: Various
Typeface: Warnock Pro
Printer: Invitation: Puritan Press; Program: Capital Offset
Paper: Curious Glama National

Why was it not just lucky that this piece achieved its aims?
Celebrating Named Professorships and the benefactors who made them possible and the title pretty much sum up the intent of this event. We created event materials which played with the notion of discovery and unconventional things you didn't see before, looking at things in different ways as well as a way of creating a theme that represented the entire MIT community.

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