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Visual Dialogue

Firm: Visual Dialogue
Address: 24 Rutland Street, Boston, MA
Phone: 617.249.3658
Web: visualdialogue.com

Project: Friends of Old Time Music CD Packaging
Client: Smithsonian Folkways Recording
Art Director: Fritz Klaetke
Designers: Jesse Hart, Fritz Klaetke
Copywriter: Peter K. Siegel
Other: Recorded, Produced and Annotated by Peter K. Siegel
Photographers: John Cohen, Guy Droussart, Robert Frank, David Gahr, Alan Lomak, Anton Mikofsky, Mike Seeger
Typefaces: Woodblock Condensed, Clarendon, HTF Knockout, Belizio, Caslon
Printer: Shorewood Packaging

Why was it not just lucky that this piece achieved its aims?
Friend of Old Time Music features recordings of a series of historic concerts of legendary folk musicians playing in New York City for the first time. The package design pays homage to the original concert posters and highlights the outstanding photographs of the musicians. The collection was selected for "Best of 2006" status by both The New Yorker and The New York Times.

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